Vita Hernia Center

“Vita” has been incorporated at the end of 1991 and obtained registration as the first private health institution in Sofia on 04.01.1992. More than 300 000 persons received medical aid at “Vita” within the total period of its existence.

On 07.09.2004 “Vita” is registered as the first private multiprofile hospital in Sofia. It is located on 1600 sq.m. in a separate administrative building, built up according to the modern requirements for hospital institutions.

"Vita" hospital is divided functionally into pre-hospital part – Medical Center and hospital part – Stationary for bed patients, Delivery and Surgical departments as well as Department of anesthesiology and resuscitation.

“Vita“ hospital possesses modern R-unit “Siemens” as well as mammograph for X-ray examination of mammary gland.



Spigelian hernia
Epigastric hernia
Lumbar hernia
Inguinal hernia
Femoral hernia
Umbilical hernia

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1407 Sofia
Vita Hospital (Second Building ) - 10 Filip Kutev Str.,
Phones: 02 45 22 000
-mail: [email protected]

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