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Anesthesia is an integral part of surgical treatment. Anesthesia is a part of the total process for provision of your safety, security and comfort. In the inguinal hernia operation we prefer the so called spinal or regional anesthesia. Favourable surgical conditions are obtained by it only in a definite region of the body. The patient remains   conscious and preserves his own breathing. This type of anesthesia is done by spinal application, in the waist region. The advantage of this method is that temporary may be placed thin tube into the spine, through which the anesthesia drugs are applied even after the operation. The other advantage of this type of anesthesia is that the patient receives in total less medicines than in the general anesthesia. This is important when he suffers from other serious diseases or is contraindicated for general anesthesia. The general anesthesia is applied to children and in big recurring or post-operative hernias.


Headache, nausea and itching in the initial 24 hours are possible in the regional anesthesia. Damages of spinal cord are excluded, because there is no spinal cord in the injection zone.

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